Here are some of my favorite websites on the Internet, including those I use to stay informed with new technologies, or just to have fun.

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No, Digg isn't dead! This app they recently released is great to read long-form articles in the subway, as it can synchronize articles for you to read offline. Since they always curate interesting content, it's become my go-to app for passing time while going to work. 


An awesome transit directions app that works in multiple cities around the world, including Paris! Its interface is just perfect, and it gives you access to all the possible transportation options in a glance. 


After Google Reader's ungrateful death, I was relieved to find this awesome RSS feeds reader that does everything I need and works on both mobile and desktop.


hacker news

A great website to stay informed with the latest developments in technology, as well as participating in some interesting discussion in the comments. 


For redditors who also happen to be programmers, this is a great resource to learn but also to talk with other developers. 


An awesome subreddit if you like both rpogramming and humor, great to have a laugh now and then! 


A bit similar to Hacker News but with a different vibe. 

Journal du Hacker fr

Another Hacker News-like but in French. Nice to know if anything new happened in the french programmers sphere. 

Tech & Gadgets

the verge

An excellent tech news site. Their longform work is also deserving of your time.

Android Police

Simply THE best Android-focused news site. Their investigation work often involving reverse-engineering apps is really great.

Ars Technica 

A great in-depth news site that always takes the time to do its research before writing articles. My favorite example is this one about Android's history. 



A great QA site like StackOverflow, but not restricted to tech. You can find really interesting questions and answers if you register and subscribe to the right topics. 


Reddit, always the best way to waste some time or learn something new, depending on your humor. The discussions' quality has dropped since a few years ago, but its sheer size makes it unavoidable. 



A great podcast where Alex Blumberg tells us the story about how he got the idea and created Gimlet Media, his podcast company. The next season is the same but about a dating website, and it's just as interesting. 


An investigation into the murder of a high school student that happened a decade ago. Riveting.

Coder Radio

About programming and developers in general. Generally very interesting debates between the two hosts.